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St Austell & District's Gib or Bust

St Austell and District organised an opportunity of a lifetime, driving on some of Europe’s finest and most scenic roads...


...The only snag is that participants cars had to cost around a measly £500 to be entered in to the Banger Rally. 

The rally started on September 30th September leaving St Austell, Cornwall and finishing in Morocco on Friday 5th October.  Over 150 cars joined in each covering over 2000 miles in 30+ degree heat.

To keep passengers amused there were several tasks to perform on route to earn bonus points.  It wasn't all driving though, when the sun set there was lots of entertainment including their very own Elvis impersonator!

With donations still coming in it looks like the total raised over the past 7 years for charities may reach over £1,000,000!





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